Bellmann Specialty Produce Crop Schedule

Easter Egg Radishes - End May To The First Week Of June.

An Easter Egg radish is the quintessential spring radish, planted in the spring and harvested early so that the size is kept small, resulting in tender, flavorful flesh. Great not only in salads and as garnish but fabulous sautéed and stirfried!

Atomic Red Carrot - End Of June
This variety gets its hue from the anti – oxidant Lyscopene. You can draw out more of this carrots amazing red hue by steaming roasting or baking. Another amazing twist on a versatile rustic vegetable!

Medium Rainbow Carrots - End Of June.
An exceptionally crisp and tasty carrot in bright colours that light up your plate. Colours range from white, yellow, light and dark orange, purple and red. A fabulous twist on a traditional rustic veg.

Mini Rainbow Carrots - End Of June.
They're sweeter than regular carrots because they have a higher sugar content. No need to peel and are wonderful roasted or sautéed. This will get your guests talking!

U Pick Raspberries - July
1 acre Raspberries are a July berry and we will aim to be open for the u-pick July 1. Call to confirm opening date. We don’t require appointments, children are welcome! We will be open 7 am to 7 pm everyday. If you have your own containers please bring them along. We do have some on hand if you don’t. Please leave your pets at home as July tends to be very hot and not all customers are comfortable with animals. Washroom facilities are available on site.

Flying Saucer Trio Squash Mix - Mid July
These tiny, thin-skinned baby squash can be pan-fried, broiled or steamed, sprinkled with herbs, drizzled with olive oil or dotted with butter for a quick and easy hot vegetable dish. Raw, they can star in a fantastic salad.

Thumbelina Carrots - Mid July
No need to peel these amazing round carrots. Deliciously tender, with a very smooth skin. Rustic veggies have never been so great!

Heirloom Tomatoes - End August
Heirloom tomato flavours and colours are very different from the regular store bought varieties. They are far more vibrant, diverse in texture and full of flavour. Heirlooms are purebred tomatoes, original varieties that are at least 60 years old.

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